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Dress codes in highshool

Ericka Holub, BHS Journalism

What is the point of a dress code when students do not always get in trouble? The dress code is not completely fair in my opinion. The guys do not have very many rules and can pretty much wear anything they want to. But the girls on the other hand, they are not really allowed to wear what they want.

Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, crop tops or shorts shorter than your fingertips.  Girls also can’t show their shoulders, back or their chest. They make the dress code more strict for females because I guess our skin is to distracting for the males. I get how the female’s chest is distracting but how are the shoulders, back or stomach distracting? It is just more skin.

There is one good thing about the dress code though. The dress code protects the students from getting hurt or kidnapped on the streets from not wearing appropriate clothing. But other than that it isn’t really fair to the girls that they can only wear certain things. It is also getting harder to find clothes that are cheap and that match the dress code. Clothing designing is changing a lot and there is not a lot of “appropriate” clothes at a lot of the stores people go to, like kohl’s for example.

The dress code could be changed a little bit. Schools should at least allow the students to wear what they want as long as you can’t see the bottom or the chest. Even when kids do wear things they are not supposed to, the schools normally do nothing about it. I do not get the point of not having a dress code if normally the students do not follow it and when they do not follow it, they do not get in trouble.

I think students should have more of a say in the dress code. They are forced to go to school so why do they have to be told what to wear students should be able to be comfortable in school.


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