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Armed guards in schools are causing some people to worry

Riley Mersmann, Journalism

Armed guards in schools have caused a lot of criticism and skepticism in recent years. Some parents don’t think it is safe for their children to be in the presence of a stranger with a gun in their school. But what a lot of people dont know or just don’t understand is that these armed guards are police officers that chose to train as a Resource Officer, where they learn specifically how to act around and work with students and faculty, so that they can try to blend in with the school while they are protecting them.

These Resource officers deliberately wanted to be able to work and socialize with students. They are there to protect you and make you feel safe, not to intimidate or hurt you. But some people still think, for whatever reason, that these officers are going to shoot someone or hurt and even kill someone for no clear reason. It is completely irrational to automatically think that someone with a gun is focused solely on trying to randomly murder a student.

These men and women become resource officers with the knowledge that they are going to be putting themselves, both metaphorically and literally, in the direct line of fire in the event of an active shooter in order to protect the students and faculty, and they would fight to their very last dying breathe to do so.

But Resource officers are not there just to protect the schools from an outside force, they are also there to help both students and faculty by running errands, helping with homework, and also to have someone to go to for help or advice.

These armed guards and resource officers are meant to be your friend, not your enemy.

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