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There’s an app for that

Alaina Flory, BHS Journalism

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Many people complain that apps are useless and they waste our time, but when was the last time an app helped you? It’s probably not as long ago as you think.

There are so many apps for a large variety of different things nowadays. There are apps for writing, drawing, games, reading, communication, directions, etc.. The list goes on and on. The website Statista says that as of June 2016, there are approximately 2.2 million apps available in the Google Play App Store and about 2 million are available in the Apple App Store.

How many of those two million apps actually help you in your daily life? A lot. Yes, there are games and pointless apps that waste your time but there are also a large number of apps that help you do things a lot easier than you could without them.

A couple of examples of apps that help you in your daily life are apps such as Safari, Maps, Messaging, Weather, and many others. Safari is used all the time to help you figure out information that you never knew before and lets you what is happening in the world. Maps helps you find your way when you are lost. Messaging, email, and calling help you communicate with people all around the world. Weather apps let you know what the weather is like outside, which then influences how you dress, where you go, and what you do. Our daily life has become so involved with technology and apps that if you took them away we wouldn’t know what to do.

There are also apps that help us in our daily school lives. Apps that are commonly used at our school are Notability, Canvas, PowerSchool, Docs and more. Canvas helps the teachers assign work, the students turn in homework, and also have class discussions. PowerSchool helps teachers put in grades and students/parents can then check those grades. Notability and Docs are used to write papers, do assignments, take notes, and save paper. Technology has become so large in our schools that these apps have become essential to daily life.

So this shows that not all apps are a waste of time. If you think that the apps you have on your device are wasting your time, then why do you have them? Delete some of the pointless apps that waste your time, free up time for other more important things and you will also have more space for apps that you actually need and use.

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There’s an app for that