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School uniforms not necessary

Kennedy Chrisco, BHS Journalism

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Freedom belongs to every citizen in the United States. Although it can be easily obtained, it can also be almost as easy to lose. This being said, the issue of having uniforms in public schools is apart of our freedom and should stay that way.

Kids all around America enjoy going to school because they get to wear what they want with only a few restrictions. Most schools today promote creativity throughout their schools. How can a school promote creativity without letting their kids show it in their own ways?

According to, uniforms in public schools can hinder the creativity and imagination of our generation by 36%. This may not seem like a lot but, that is 36% of the people that could be making a change for the world in the future.

School uniforms should not be a requirement for families to abide by in order for their children to go to school. Public schools are meant to be public; meaning that all people are allowed, along with whatever clothes they choose.

Not every child is excited to dress the exact same as their best friend every single day. According to, 53% of children disagree with the idea of having uniforms at school. Most of their responses consisted of “I would look bad in them.” or “I want to wear whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Parents send their children to public schools so that they are free from school uniforms. If school uniforms are a must for a family, then go to a private school. Respect for the school code is all that should be asked for in order to stay uniform-free.

Being respectful to the little restrictions that public schools have should be the deciding factor. Keeping your shorts longer than your fingertips and covering your shoulders will not be a big deal if they don’t want uniforms. School uniforms can also be a financial burden on some families.

According to, 24% of American families in public schools cannot afford uniforms. The income of the family does not allow the family to pay for extra things especially if they aren’t necessary.

School uniforms are an issue addressed all of America. The only solution for public schools to

stay uniform-free is to respect the dress code and respect each other. Our actions can determine the consequences in the future.

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School uniforms not necessary