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High school sports are not taken too seriously

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Are the summer leagues, camps, weekend tournaments, and constant practices too much for high school athletes? Is the serious level of these four year athletes too high? Some students may think being pushed hard like this isn’t important or unnecessary. I believe these statements about being too serious are false.

To me, the hard work, dedication, passion, sweat and tears put into a sport will result in positive outcomes for the athlete. Whether the seriousness of it is something you like or not. All athletes who allow themselves to be pushed by their coaches and parents, are creating a future for their athletic career.

Thanks to the work high schoolers are pushed to do through their four years of high school, their collegiate athletic careers are through the roof. They allow themselves a high work ethic, and always strive for greatness. Only 3% of high school girls basketball players make it to the NCAA level. This meaning that the competition is fierce and only the best of the best go.

To me, if a student is playing a sport and they are taking the time to work hard and push themselves, they see a future in that sport. These athletes would agree with the serious level of the sport. But to other athletes who only play for the fun of it, they may never see the real effect of the hard work put into the sport.

Parents push their kids to join athletics early in life, to see if it is something they may excel in. If this is the case, the work ethic they create or their child increases. They want them to become the best they can be. They put them in camps, tournaments, etc. From the beginning the child will know of this sport is something they could do for the rest of their life.

In my opinion the level of seriousness high school athletes endure through sports is perfect. The blood, sweat and tears are only creating a future for them in the long run. Thanks to the persistence through their parents and coaches, the athlete learns to never give up. I think high school sports should stay they way they are.

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High school sports are not taken too seriously