The Future Business Leaders of America competed a month ago and a couple our BHS students placed for their projects. 

One of the placers, Hank Beard got eighth place, Introduction to marketing concepts. “I enjoy FBLA because it helps me make new connections and really helps me feel like I’m a part of something big,” Beard says. 

One of the coaches for FBLA is a business teacher at BHS, Tyler Wolf. 

“FBLA gives students an opportunity to gain skills that will help them achieve their goals. FBLA has an event for everybody,” Wolf says. 

Another coach for FBLA is the entrepreneur teacher at BHS, Bronte Batman. 

“Helping students grow in their events and hone their business skillset to be successful,” Batman says. 

The business team ended up placing in the top 10 and then got to compete in the finals. 

“Watching students compete and succeed in their events whether it is an individual or team event. I love watching them get on stage and place in the top 10 across the state,” Batman says. 

Another one of the competitors, Lily Brecheisen, talks about how much she loves the club. 

“I enjoy the friendly competition and the drive we all have to be better people. I learn a bunch of new information in ym fields like healthcare and sports management. The hardest part is probably the test taking, it’s just super draining. I love everything about FBLA, but getting to go to the dance after the first day of state is super fun,” Brecheisen says.  

Even though FBLA is a really fun club to be a part of there are still some challenging aspects for the students and coaches to succeed. 

“The hardest part of FBLA is probably the commitment it can take if you want to be serious about it. It can take a lot of time to get “good” at an event to really compete and even then it feels like there’s always at least one person who is a step ahead of you, Beard says.