More acting classes coming soon


Gabbii Vassallo, BHS Journalism

With only two acting classes, many students have been wanting more available classes to be able to take all throughout their high school years. Jeremy Dalton, the current acting teacher, is deciding to make a change to allow students to continue to pursue their interest in theater.

Dalton plans on these classes teaching important new skills and talents and exploring more in depth of previously taught skills from acting 1 and 2.

“Acting, public speaking, directing and reading a play with a critical eye to recognize how to really portray a character,” Dalton said. “It would give students interested in acting a class they could take every year to improve their acting skill,  as well as giving more interest in participation in forensics and the school plays.”

For some, acting is a passion and a possible career path, others enjoy the nature of it as a hobby and a talent.

“I love acting, I always have since my high school years,” Dalton said. “I enjoy teaching and directing plays. It is something I feel confident in”

Acting 3 and 4 classes plan on being interactive with school plays and teaching some of the finer intricacies of theater, and open for anyone who’s passed acting 1 and 2. 

“I really love acting, I’ve been acting basically since the seventh grade,” junior Jason Jimenez said. “However they didn’t have any classes for it in my old school in Florida, no acting class and no auditorium. I was bummed. Now that I’m here I really love acting, the students are nice and it’s really an enjoyable atmosphere. I’d be excited to take more classes.”

Those who participate in his classes claim to have gained more confidence in their acting and social abilities. 

“How does an acting class help someone who aspires to be an actor? It’s taught me a lot about acting I didn’t know and I hope to learn more in the future,” junior Rollo Myer said.