Dungeons & Dragons Club planning fundraisers


What is the best way to bring a group of friends together on a Friday afternoon? Well it’s Dungeons and Dragons of course.

The Dungeons and Dragons group is growing at a rapid rate, so the club leader Hannah Webb has decided to take a step forward to improve the club by starting some fundraisers to really give the members the Dungeons and Dragons experience.

“One of the main things we’ve talked about is volunteering in catering such as helping with catering food or assisting the janitorial staff as well as making and selling T-shirts,” Hannah Webb said. 

The club is buzzing with excitement about these fundraisers, each with great ideas on how the money should be raised and used. 

“I definitely hope for some community Dungeons and Dragons books,” senior club member Keeton O’Brien said. “Like for the game masters, maybe a players’ guide, the monster manual. Books would be awesome.”

“We definitely need maps, or white boards of some sort, so we don’t have to keep drawing on Steven’s desks,” sophomore Hannah Bosch said.

“Creativity and having fun are the core parts of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s all about getting together and seeing friends,” freshman Oliver O’Neille said.

“I wanted to create a space for other nerdy people like me to be themselves and just escape from our mundane reality and hang out with friends,” Webb said. “I hope other people can enjoy Dungeons and Dragons just as much as I have.”