Students preparing for new year classes


Enrollment is starting in Baldwin high school. Students are receiving papers of their previous classes and grades so it can be hopeful for the students to make choices on what classes they think will be the most beneficial for them and their future. 

BHS counselor Reggie Harris explained what the hardest thing about enrollment is for him. 

“I think the hardest thing is no matter how you select your classes there is no guarantee that you will get it exactly how you want it. Having to tell kids that you can request a class and if not enough people suggest it as well, well then they might not get it, it’s kind of disappointing,” he said.

Some students who have been in the highschool tell us some classes they recommend underclassmen to take. 

“I recommend getting the hard classes out of the way as soon as possible like Chemistry and Math,“ sophomore Drew Flick said. “It doesn’t really matter what math you’re in just stick with it. If you’re in Concepts keep going on, if you’re in Algebra 1, don’t go to Concepts it’s a step back basically. Just do what is best for you.”

“I definitely think they need to get their fine arts out of the way with either Art or Guitar because those are pretty easy,” sophomore Kaitlin Base said. “And your Social issues class, just get all the classes you need out of the way. The fun classes I like are any of Kit’s classes, PE is pretty fun, and I really like art.”

Some students that are newer to the building or coming next year say the classes they are interested in taking next year. 

“I’m nervous but also excited because you get to take more classes and have more freedom,” 8th grader Tatum Hicks said. “And some classes I’m thinking about taking is, I feel like Culinary sounds fun and maybe like an art class.” 

“I got approved to take yearbook next year so I’m going to do that,” freshman Finnley Kellerman said. “And then I’m going to take Culinary 1 next year. I did Culinary essentials this year and I really liked it and it was a fun class and I just think the Yearbook would be fun to do.” 

Once students find what classes they like to take it makes the school day much more fun. BHS has a variety of classes so then we can have something to meet everyone’s interest and different skill levels.