Student, teachers spring break plans


Spring Break is coming up and some teachers and students have very interesting plans, such as students Payton Chapelle and Halia Callahan and teacher Katy Wegener. 

“I am taking my kids to the Omaha Zoo because they have never been. And we are going with old college friends that have three kids now,” Wegener said. “My kids are 2 and three and this is going to be a very interesting and fun trip”

First, Wegener’s family is driving up to Nebraska and staying with old-time friends from college. Then they are taking all the kids to the Omaha Zoo to have a fun spring break play date. 

Unlike Wegener, Callahan will be staying in the state of Kansas enjoying her birthday which is on March 10. She is still trying to figure out her plans for the whole break. 

But she knows for sure she will definitely be doing wrestling.

“I like wrestling because it’s fun and it challenges you to do hard things,” Callahan said.

She also explained to me that she makes a lot of different friends during practice and tournaments. 

She loves going to practice so she can get better and feel the success of winning against other girls and boys that are good. 

Chappelle has explained to me that her spring break is filled with soccer. She is on a Club team called SKV and it is located out of Topeka/Lawrence. 

She also will be sleeping from all of those soccer tournaments and practices. 

She hopes she will have time to hang out with her friends and family from Baldwin and Wellsville but she doesn’t know if she will have time with all that soccer. She explains to me that her grandparents live in Wellsville so she has made friends in Wellsville.