Seniors making future plans and reflecting back


Emma Rolland, BHS Journalism

Each year roughly 3 million high school students will graduate. Although there are so many graduating, not all of them have plans for the future. 

“When I graduate, I’ll attend college and study pre-pharmacy, as well as join a sorority,” senior Kate Nichols said. “I am attending the University of Kansas.

Seniors will also usually tell underclassmen something that will help their high school career.

“Don’t wait until your last year to get involved,” senior Lena Mackie said. “You’re only in high school once.”

No matter their plans, seniors also often take time to reflect back on their years in high school. 

“My favorite part about high school was the extracurricular activities I was involved in,” Nichols said.

As graduation approaches many seniors will also think about things they wish they had known going into high school.

“One thing I would tell underclassmen is to find joy in everything you do at school,” Nichols said. “Take every opportunity you can get.”