New teachers shine at BJHS


Sage Baranski

There are four new teachers this year at BJHS: Katy Wegener, Hannah Clark, Kelly Evans, and Debroah McKinney.

“This year has been great,” Wegener said. “I love my students and being closer to the school but this year I’ve had to adjust a lot to the environment.”

Wegener worked as a 7th-grade English teacher before moving schools to be an 8th-grade English teacher.

Math teacher Deborah McKinney is another new teacher this year. 

McKinney was a teacher in Japan for many years before moving to Kansas and becoming an 8th-grade math teacher. 

“It is been tough but it is also been great,” McKinney said. “Moving to a new school and getting to know the students has been a big change.” 

“It is a great environment to be a teacher everyone is really supportive and the students are hard-working,” she said.

“Having new teachers is good it helps mix things up,” assistant principal Bench Currie said. “Being a new teacher is like being a new student it is difficult at first but then you start to fit in. The new teachers this year are doing a tremendous job.”

Currie was the 6th-grade science teacher up until this year, he was promoted. 

Students are also a big part of teaching and are part of being a teacher.

“The new teachers this year are doing pretty well for themselves but they still need to come accustomed to teaching at our school other than that this year has been good,” student Arthur Seyler said.

“The new teachers this year have a cool style of teaching all of them do,” student Petra Morris said. “I feel the new teachers are doing pretty good and should just keep doing what they are doing.”