Longtime teachers reflect on their years at BHS


Amaia Boline, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School has had several teachers in its time. Those either moving away or searching for more opportunities.

These 3 teachers have dedicated their livelihood to BHS for many years. 

“24 years.” Journalism teacher Kit Harris said. 

“I think I’ve worked here for 9 years.” Principal Brant Brittingham said. 

“I have worked here since 1984.” French/Spanish teacher Karen Moreau.

These 3 teachers have chosen to stick to this school for years. Not settling for the surrounding schools, why is this?

“I went to school here, then I went to Baker but then I was teaching in Topeka,” Harris said, “I liked it a lot but I wanted a smaller sized school, and an opening came up here that was in my area. So I decided to move here.”

Some teachers stayed for the small tight community.

“I love communities of this size and it’s a great place to raise a family,” Brittingham said. 

“Close to home and I liked my kids being in Baldwin Schools,” Moreau said. 

In their time at this school they have taught one specific subject or several.

“ I am teaching all journalism classes, video media, newspaper media, digital media,” Harris said. 

“I taught Biology, integrated science, and human anatomy and physiology,” Brittingham said. 

These 3 instructors have brought a lot to BHS. Spending several years and sometimes decades in the district. Teachers were asked when they were going to retire. 

“That’s a good question, probably never but, maybe in the next 10- 20 years.” Harris said. 

“ 8 years. Soon.” Brittingham said.