8th graders moving up with high school classes


If you go to high school classes you may see 8th graders there too.

8th graders have been taking classes at BHS. This has been going on for a few years now. This year Rylee Holder is one of these 8th graders.

“I like it because I can get credits before I’m in high school,” Holder said. “It can be intimidating though if you have upperclassmen in your class.”

Holder is taking Spanish this year for both semesters; she also took intro to visual arts last semester and business essentials this semester. 

“It is a good opportunity and will be good for later years in high school because you will be able to have an easier time and not worry about credits as much,” Holder said. 

Arthur Seyler is another one of these 8th graders whose taking high school classes this year.

“It is just like going to class normally,” Seyler said. “I think it is a good opportunity for other students and I like being able to go over to the high school.”

Over half of the 8th graders, this year are taking high school classes this year.

It is not just a big deal to the 8th graders though the high school teacher are a part of this to.

Alyssa Buckland was a teacher of the high school intro to visual arts class this year.

“I think the 8th graders taking high school or more advanced classes is good,” Buckland said. “If they are able to take the more advanced classes that’s good for them.” 

The teachers and students both like how the classes are going and these classes are going to continue at our school for years to come.