Student Council activities spark interest in Class Cup


Class Cups points have been a competition at BHS for many years. At the end of the year whatever class has the most class cup points wins a trip to Worlds of Fun.

Ways to earn class cup points often take place outside of school. So some students are unable to attend. 

Recently the Student Council formed a committee with the help of BHS alumni and Assistant Principal Kelli Haeffner to improve participation.

BHS has started doing events such as “Macarena Monday” and doing the “Cupid Shuffle” during the second breakfast time in hopes it will encourage students to participate. 

One activity the committee is really looking forward to is a march madness cornhole tournament after spring break. 

When asked about the student response to new class cup point activities Vice Principal Kelli Haeffner said covid played a big part in class cup point activities. 

“No one has really had a true class cup point experience because a lot of it happened pre Covid, and Covid played a lot into what activities we had available,” said Haeffner. “Our seniors were freshmen when Covid hit.”

Students are starting to respond to new activities being provided to earn class cup points. As of Mar. 7, 2023 the Juniors are in first place with 750 points. The freshmen are just behind them with 625 points. The sophomores are in 3rd with 575 points and the seniors are in last with 550 points. 

There are many ways to earn class cup points, such as spirit week. This is freshman Kristin Manbeck’s favorite way to earn class cup points.

“Spirit week because a lot of people like to do spirit week,” Manbeck said.