Students grow faith with FCA


Olivia Henry, BHS Journalism

There are many clubs at BHS, one of them being Fellow Christian Athletes. FCA meets every Wednesday morning at 7:20 in the Baldwin High School Library. 

FCA is very student involved. Kelly Carr is a big part of FCA. She is there every Wednesday greeting people with smiles and making them laugh. 

“My favorite part of FCA is seeing the students step up to lead!” Carr said.

The overall goal of FCA is getting students to lead and grow their faith.

“The overall goal of FCA is to provide a place where students and teachers can share and grow in their faith, know that they are loved and know that there is hope.” Carr said.

 FCA allows you to come together and safely grow your faith with others. There are always treats at the meetings and you’ll always have a good time. 

This club is important because you can truly be yourself, no matter what that may look like.

“I think FCA is important because the truth is shared,” Carr said. 

FCA isn’t only important to adults, it’s also important to students.

“My favorite part of FCA is the atmosphere and fellowship with the other kids and the leaders,” Freshman Colton Collum said.

I take away a lot from each meeting and all the messages the leaders share. FCA helps me grow in my faith by teaching me fellowship with other students in FCA,” Collum said.