‘High School Musical’ preparing for big night

Audrey Searl, BHS Journalism

The 2022 BHS Fall Musical is in motion. This year’s musical is “High School Musical,” with Katie Jacobsen returning as the director, as well as many returning cast members. 

Junior Talan Torrez will be playing Troy Bolton, and junior Bailey Smith is Gabrielle Montez. They have both done the musical in years prior. 

“I started doing musicals because I love to sing and hang out with my friends,” Torrez said. “This will be my second year doing the musical.”

There are many supporting roles as well in the musical. Senior Kaleigh Griffith was casted as Kelsi Neilson. This will be her first year doing the musical.

“I just love all the people who do it, and I love all the singing and dancing, it’s all just really fun,” Griffith said. 

Junior Kade Long has done the musical for all three years. This year he was casted as stage manager again. 

“I really like the community and people who do the musical,” Long said. “I love being stage manager because I like helping with the production of the musical.”

“I had Miss Jacobson in class for guitar, so I decided to try the musical freshman year, and loved it, and it’s now a job I want to pursue,” Long said. 

“I think this year’s musical is going to be good. Our cast has a lot of great singers, and actors,” Griffith said. “I think it will go really well.” 

This year like many others younger kids get the opportunity to be in the musical as well. This year 8th graders Boston Walter, Petra Morris, James Baker and Rylee Webb are in the musical. 

“I have been on stage since I was young, and I just love every part of it,” Morris said. “It’s different this year since we are the youngest, but it’s good not being the only 8th grader there.”

The musical is at 7 p.m. on Nov.10-12 at the Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $5 for students and $7 for adults.