Dance team

  Dance team essay 


          There is one dance team at BHS with six girls on the team. It is very entertaining to watch and see them learn            

new skills everyday and better themselves as  individual dancers.

Junior dancer Avery says she likes hip hop dances rather than lyrical dances because it is way easier to learn andRemember the dance moves.

The dance team performs at football games and other school events such as pep rallies. They always hype people up and get them in to the  school spirit. 

The team is made up of ninth through twelfth grade girls at Baldwin High School.  Anyone can tryout for the 

Dance team at the end of the year the team  practice all summer and  they learn the dances they used for the next school year.

“This is my second year on the dance team and I think it is really hard to be in sync with everyone dancing” said sophomore Maggie Steinshouer.

Everyone I interviewed said something along the lines of having a very special bond with the team mates. Some girls on the team have never danced before so they were very nervous to start and be on the team but once they joined they stated they loved it! 

The whole team goes to a dance team clinic in the summer at KU and this year they won All American Dance. 

 Everyone on the team had a lot of fun and enjoyed their time there.

“A lot of people call us the BHS dance team but we are actually the drill team” said by sophomore  Emily Howater. 

The dance team grows bigger and bigger every year and it is truly a great experience and activity to do while 

you’re in high school. You can get good scholarships to colleges while on the dance team. 

The dance team likes to encourage other students that may or may not be good at dance to try out and try something new . 

The dance team is a very fun experience and a great  activity to do while you are also going though high school and gets a 

a lot of people are out of their  comfort zone.