Pep rally fun excites the school for Homecoming


Brayden Chappelle, BHS Journalism

The Baldwin High School Student Council put on a pep rally to get everyone excited for the homecoming football game.

“I feel like our pep rally went really well,” cheer co-captain Jaden Wharton said. “We had a lot of fun as a team and love supporting the community and the football team.”

The pep rally is meant to be a way to get the whole community involved and get everyone excited for homecoming which is Friday. The homecoming dance is Saturday 8-10 p.m.

“The dance was fun especially since not everyone knew it fully and everyone else seemed to know how to do the dance,” sophomore Nicholas Johnson said.

The point of the pep rally is meant to bring the whole community together to support the football team

 “I feel like it brings more people in because it gets more people in because it gets them all excited to watch the boys play,” Wharton said

The football team plays Anderson County at 7 p.m. at Liston Stadium and they will announce homecoming king and homecoming queen during halftime of the football game 

 During the pep rally all of the homecoming candidates played a few games to see who is the superior candidate couples, Bridan Butell and Kate Welch ended up taking first place in the “couples” competitions. 

The homecoming candidates will be announced during halftime of the football game which is happening Oct. 30 at Liston Stadium at 7 p.m.