Ivy League in the future for BHS volleyball star


Shea Griffith, BHS Journalism

As her big next step, BHS junior volleyball standout Fisayo Afonja will be playing volleyball at Brown University in Rhode Island.

“When I went there I just loved it so much and I knew that’s where I wanted to go there and I thought it was the best choice academically and athletically,” Afonja said. 

“I am very excited to play volleyball for Brown,” Afonja said. “I can’t wait because in November I get to go out there and meet the team more and I’m excited.” 

Fisayo got a scholarship to play volleyball at a DI college. 

“I started playing in 3rd grade at midwest,” Afonja said. “My biggest mentor was probably my club coach Ben, he has guided me a lot and taught me a lot throughout the years.”

“I’m going to miss how close I am with a lot of the kids here,” Afonja said. “It’s just a small school so you get to know everyone and that ‘homey’ feeling.”

Fisayo is very close with her friends and family here and is going to miss them. 

“My favorite memory was winning the Sub-State last year because we beat Louisburg,” Afonja said. “It was just an amazing game.”  

Crystal Engemann is the head coach of the BHS volleyball team and has coached Fisayo for the past years.

“Fisayo has an amazing work ethic,” Engemann said. “She is usally the first person in the gym and the last person to leave.”

“Her drive matches the size of her heart,” Engemann said. “She will do big things at Brown, I have no doubt.”