8th graders experience classes at BHS


Bryis Alford, BHS Journalism

BJHS 8th graders have been very grateful to be able to take classes at BHS. 8th graders have been taking classes over at the high school for two years now.

“My favorite thing about taking classes at the high school is getting used to the environment,” 8th grader Audrey Searl said. “Also, getting high school credits so you can graduate.”

There are a variety of classes for 8th graders to take at the high school. Some of the classes are Journalism, Art, French, Spanish 1, etc.

“I am taking Journalism with Kit Harris and French 1 with Karen Moreu throughout the year,” 8th grader Shea Griffith said. “In Journalism we report and write stories and in French 1 one we learn how to speak and understand french.”

Many people think it is an advantage for 8th graders taking classes at the highschool, because they already have highschool experience and credits.

“I think it is an advantage for students to take classes at BHS because they can already get highschool credits,” 8th grader Brooklyn Taylor said. “And they also get a wide variety of different classes they are able to take.”

Many 8th graders enjoy and have fun coming over to the high school and taking classes. They love doing fun activities and projects in their different classes.

“I love talking to everyone in the class in Spanish and learn even more from how they talk,” 8th grader Payton Chappelle. “I also liked doing the Spanish adjective slideshow for a famous person.”

 Many of the different teachers around BHS love having 8th graders in their classes. Especially the different personalities.

“It has been a lot of fun with the 8th graders in class,” Harris said, “They are all really eager to learn and work and they are a fun part of the classroom.”