OmGrown serves Baldwin City community


OmGrown has been in Baldwin for a while but has recently moved buildings. OmGrown provides Yoga, Massage Therapy, Sauna, Soaking tub, and Reiki. Sandy Chapman is the owner of OmGrown and has been in Baldwin for almost 30 years. 

“Right out of college my husband and I were thinking of starting a family, we both loved Lawrence but wanted to be in a smaller place like we grew up,” she said.

Madeline Lambrecht is in her third year of Massage Therapy and works at OmGrown. 

“I love connecting with people in my community and helping Baldwin become a healthier, more peaceful place,” Lambrecht said. 

The Studio is 100-year old building and the first ford dealership in Douglas County and Chapman wanted to keep as much as she could. 

“We wanted it to have a very natural feeling,” Chapman said. “There’s lots of natural materials, limited plastics, limited any of that, so there’s lots of metal, wood, and rock and that’s obviously a big inspiration. It had many lives, it was the newspaper office for a while so we wanted to keep as much as we could and kind of honor its roots in the community.

Many people in the community have been coming to OmGrown since they opened the studio. 

“I’ve been going since the day they opened their door,” Baldwin City resident Gretchen Flory-Trendel said. “Lora and Sandy both have their own unique style of leading yoga classes, and I love each. They are both so welcoming and encouraging. I always walk out of a yoga class feeling better than when I walked in.”