Fall Musical: “High School Musical” off to great start

Fall Musical: High School Musical off to great start

Lizzy Goodwin, BHS Journalism

This year’s fall musical is off to a great start. Rehearsals are Monday thru Thursday from 6:30-8:30 p.m, and the cast is working hard. Director Katie Jacobsen is looking forward to this year’s show. 

“I am so excited to work with an amazing team of directors putting together this awesome show with incredibly talented and dedicated cast and crew members. It’s going to be fantastic,” she said.

Sophomore Jaeden Landreth said he enjoys the music and choreography.

“It’s a lot of fun to do the dances, I think It’s going to turn out to be a great show,” he said. 

Senior Greta Davis is excited for this year’s musical. 

“I love our cast and we have lots of fun together,” she said. “It’s a lot of hard work and time, but it’s for sure going to be a hilarious and vibrant show. I’m excited for everyone to see it,” Davis said.

Jacobsen really likes this year’s musical, she grew up with the music and even attended a watch party when it first aired.    

“I’m so excited to perform this musical with these students and we have a truly amazing cast that is going to make it a super fun and enjoyable show for everyone,” Jacobsen said.

Putting together a show is hard work and there are always a lot of challenges that come with it but we are “All In This Together,” she said.

 “This show has a lot of music, a lot of dancing, and several costume changes, and our set is pretty large. But we’ve got this,” Jacobsen said.

This year’s cast is smaller than last years, having under 30 people, and only 9 guys in the show.

“Our cast is just under 30 students in 8th-12th grades. We already have about 10 students who signed up to be on our tech crews,” Jacobsen said. “It’s a good size for sure. I always say the more the merrier, and we can always use more crew members,” she said.

There are some similarities between the movie and show, but quite a few differences as well. 

“A lot of the music, storyline, and characters are the same as the movie. Of course, we’ll pay tribute to the popular moves from the movie as well. There is some new music and a few new characters to be on the lookout for in the stage performance though,” Jacobsen said. “The show runs around two hours with an intermission about halfway through.”