Environmental Science creating exciting projects


Samantha Scraper, BHS Journalism

Environmental Science is a class to take for real world experiences according to the Environmental Science Teacher

“Environmental Science is the best science class because the students get to use a little bit from other classes,” teacher Andrew Ising said. “It lets you really talk about the world as you experience it. The class really focuses on hypothetical situations.”

Environmental Science is known for its great subjects and projects.

“We are currently trying to investigate how an animal’s behavior is affected by the condition of the environment,” Ising said. “Groups plan their own investigation, they will have three class periods of data collection time. Start to finish will be two weeks.”

Even the students are excited about the upcoming projects. Junior Nora Prather is really looking forward to all of the class trips.

“I took Environmental Science because it sounded like there were a lot of good opportunities,” Prather said. “The opportunities are that we are going to go on a lot of trips where you would go and collect data.”

Junior Sophie Johnson is looking forward to all of the nature activities.

“I like the labs that we do and how we are able to experiment with nature,” Johnson said. “We are going to go out to a creek to get some samples of water which I am really looking forward to.”