SPEAK Club getting started for big year


Emily Hulce, BHS Journalism

The SPEAK club has just begun for the year. It stands for Students Promoting Encouragement, Action, and Kindness. Its members have in the past created posters that were up in the school and made goodie bags when it was exam week. It is sponsored by counsler Cydney Novotney and starting this year teacher Sunny Allen is helping. 

“Speak trained peer leaders in ‘Sources In Strength’ program, and our mission is to empower kids.” Novotney said. 

Junior Nora Prather added to the goal of SPEAK.

 “SPEAK is a club to help end stigmas around mental health issues and ultimately create a positive, healthy environment for learning,” she said. 

“We want to start the year off with some awesome campaigns,” Novotney said. 

Prather feels that this is an important club to BHS. 

 “This year we are striving to do more activities and get the student body involved in our projects,” she said. “To engage the student body we are putting the students in the club on the front line. The students will be brainstorming, planning, and leading events with help from sponsors.” 

Prather was one of the students who went through the program.

“Some of the students in the club and the sponsors took a training course by “Sources of Strength” which gave us a great foundation to push off from,” she said. 

If students want to join, they can come to meetings, or reach out to Novotney or Allen. 

Novotney has very strong goals that she wants the club to achieve.

“SPEAK wants to help every student in BHS whether it be a note in the bathroom or finding someone who can reach out to an adult.” Novotney said.