Class of 2023 looking to make it best year yet


Chaney Barth, BHS Journalism

The 2023 senior class is excited to lead the school in their final year at BHS.

“I’m excited to bring new activities for the whole senior class,” senior class President Makayla Hirschman said. “I’m excited to have a big voice in things, and come together with my piers to set good examples for the years to follow.”

Advise from school counselors can be helpful to students as the look toward their future.

“My advice to the seniors is to try lots of things because its your last year, have a good time, don’t stress out, and keep calm and graduate,” counselor Autumn Weiss said. “To prepare for college it helps to narrow down your list of options and find what works best for you. Also find out if you need an act score. It’s good to apply for scholarships, local scholarships come out in the spring.”

Some seniors are really looking forward to being a part of school activities. 

“I’m excited to go to all the sporting events this year. As well as winter formal,” senior Somto Onyenagbo said.

Sports are a big part of many of the students’ lives at BHS. 

“I’m most excited to watch football games and play basketball in the winter,” senior Caleb Carr said. “Also, the student section was fun to be a part of last year so im looking forward to that.”

Living in the present but also considering your future is very important.

“Focus on the future,” government teacher Jeff Cullins said.” The steps that you take your senior year can set you up financially, mentally, and physically for life.”

BHS teacher Kit Harris feels like this senior group is a strong class.

“This is a great group of seniors, I have known many of them since they were little,” Harris said. “I am excited to see how their senior year goes and the impact they make on our school and community.”