Dance team off to strong start with new coach


Allee Darnell, BHS Journalism

The Baldwin High School Dance team has six girls on the roster. The team consists of two juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen. BHS teacher Hailey Schoendaller is the new head coach of the team. She was a Student Council sponsor during the 2021-22 school year and also sponsors GSA.

The team is off to a strong start.

“We went to the KU camp through NDA,” Schoendaller said. “The dance team had attended a 4 day camp in July… It was helpful and we learned a lot to help our team grow. ”

The National Dance Alliance (NDA) hold camps and have choreographed dances of all styles taught to the teams. Different dance teams from other schools participate and it gives the people a chance to meet new people and see different types of styles. 

Schoendaller later explained the dances they learned at camp were going to be performed during the high school pep assembly and the Bash later that night at halftime. The Baldwin dance team will also be performing at every home football game, basketball game, and pep rallies held in the high school gym.

“We will definitely be performing at every home football game,” Schoendaller said.

Sophomore Emily Howarter, said she enjoys everyone involved and on the team. The team uses their good dynamics and energy to lift the team and fans into good spirits.

“I hope we are clean with our dances and have fun at football games,” Howarter said.

The dance team works hard to perfect their performances. They spend a lot of time and effort into the dance with six dancers.

“We have a hard time finding extra curricular coaches…we were worried that they would have told the girls that there would be no team,” Schoendaller said.

Over the summer the team’s previous coach moved and Schoendaller took over so that they could continue to have a team and a great coach. The team works together and creates dance moves to help improve their dance performances. Multiple girls on the team have been involved with dance growing up or have previously participated in lessons. When Schoendaller was younger she participated in dance.