Committee planning for normal prom


Avery Bergan, BHS Journalism

Although these past few years have been crazy because of covid, school must go on. The prom at Baldwin High School is a major event for our upper class. But what will it be like this year?

“Our prom will be held on April 23 at Abe & Jake’s which is located in Lawrence Kansas,” guidance counselor Autumn Weiss said.

The prom has been held at Abe & Jake’s consistently until covid-19 hit and we weren’t even able to have a regular prom. This year we are getting back to normal with a regular prom, but finding enough money to fund the prom may be tough.

“Selling food and drinks in the concession stands, and selling prom tickets will allow our junior class to fund enough money to have a prom,” Weiss said.

Along with a prom and dressing up in beautiful dresses and taking multiple pictures there will be an after prom which is located in Lawrence at Abe & Jake’s.

“This is a safe night after prom from 8-11 p.m. (SNAP) which will include games, karaoke, food, and prizes,” Weiss said.

Snap is an amazing time for our high school kids to get closer to other kids at our school and just have fun. What makes the after prom more fun than a masquerade themed after prom.

“This year after prom is a masquerade theme however, we are using the theme for decorations and to make our prom more memorable. We’re using the theme to decorate with dark colored decorations. As far as masks, girls are known to have masks to wear or on a stick- same with guys too,” junior Karly Neufeld said.

The prom is a memorable night for all Baldwin High School students, and is a night our underclassmen look forward to participating in.

“It was fun and a good experience to see how prom worked and I got to go with my older sister and her best friend,” sophomore Bailey Smith said