Clay target team hits mark


Pat Heersink, BHS Journalism

Clay target shooting is a popular sport in Kansas.  BHS has their own clay target shooting team.

The sport of clay shooting is interesting and there are many components

 “You score out of 50,” BHS junior Jonathan Wren said. “Most competitions you shoot 50 rounds. If you hit a clay you get a point. If you miss a clay you lose a point.”  

The website says, “A practice or competition event will consist of shooting a total of 50 targets from six to 12 different stations on a sporting clays field. Each station round will consist of six to 10 targets per station.”

According to shooting sports first became popular in 1871 when the NRA held a big name competition in the United States. In 1880 it reached the masses and became an accessible sport for everyone, not just the upper social classes. 

Wren use 3 different types of guns for clay target shooting

“I use two,” Wren said. “I shoot a Benelli M2 12 Gauge. Actually, I use three. A Remington 3200 1970 model 30 inch barrel, and then I shoot a Browning Centauri Sporting 725 32 inch barrel full choke.”