BHS welders show off skills


The annual Missouri Welding Institute welding competition was held this January. Six Baldwin students attended the competition.

Shop teacher Tom Harman, has been taking welders to these competitions for 8 years.

“I think it’s good for kids to gain experience and see if they are interested in the welding field,” Harman said.

Welding competitions are a good place to learn and see if you are interested in going into the trades instead of going to a four-year university.

Mig and Arc welding are the two types of welding done at the competitions; this is because jobs for these types of welding are the most common welding jobs.

Welders are expected to read plans and put together all of their metal and weld it together in 30 minutes, there are many errors that a welder can commit that can disqualify them from competition.

Welders at the competition can win a variety of prizes ranging from a few welding rods and gloves to full scholarships and welders worth thousands of dollars.

The top ten places at the event get prizes and this year Baldwin had no top ten placers.