SPEAK club active at BHS


Brianna Mitchell , BHS Journalism

Out of all the clubs at BHS this club is well known for making ribbons for different awarnesses, showing their support to the students of BHS and many more activities. Anna Jardon who is vice president of SPEAK gave us some insight on what it is like to be a member.

“I first learned what SPEAK was when Mrs. Canterbury brought it up to my class one day. I was interested and decided to join the club when my friend, Kade Long, invited me to one of the meetings. I instantly loved that SPEAK was a club run by students to promote healthy mental states for students,” Jardon said.

SPEAK is teachor sponsered by english teacher Mrs. Canterbury and social worker Mrs. Navontney. Savion Gislar is the president and Kade Long is the secretary. Being apart of SPEAK can mean a variety of things.

“SPEAK’s goal is to end stigmas, promote self help, and help BHS flourish with positivity,” Jardon said.

The meetings are relaxed and are usually made up of discussions of topics that may be addressed in the future. 

“At SPEAK meetings we usually brainstorm ideas that could help improve students’ mentality. Whether its small projects like hanging posters or more intricate projects such as the “treat trolley” during finals, our goal is to bring positivity,” Jardon said.

Being apart of sports activities, groups, clubs and just getting involved with the BHS community is something that a lot of students at BHS take part in. Jardon as well as the many other students that are apart of this club do it for a reason.

“I am a member of SPEAK because I believe in the importance of mental health. I enjoy being in SPEAK because I get to be with others who believe that as well and actively are trying to improve the school,” Jardon said.

SPEAK is an important part of the BHS school community for letting students get involved in activities that help others and promote positivity within our school.