BHS becomes festive during spirit week 


Adalyn Madl, BHS Journalism

BHS spirit week has been alive for a long time. The Student Council decides on the spirit weeks. This spirit week has been stretched out a bit because of snow days. Monday there was no school, Tuesday was bikers vs. surfers, then the snow days came.

“Our process of coming up with spirit days is pretty chaotic,” senior Riley Smith said. 

Every year the students who participate and show school spirit the most get gift cards. Some students really go out for spirit week. Very popular spirit days in the past were; anything but a backpack, dress your type and dad’s at a cookout. There were many students who were involved and liked to dress up for school with their friends.

“Sometimes coming up with our spirit days is a very random process,” Smith said. “We just throw ideas out there in a very chaotic brainstorming session, and that’s how we typically come up with our best ideas.”

February 14-16 will be the rest of the spirit day which are; Monday: red flags, Tuesday: throwback to middle school, Wednesday: cloud 9, Thursday and Friday there is no school for parent teacher conferences and the basketball game.

“This year we have really made an effort to come up with some unique spirit days to really get the student body engaged,” Smith said.

We have spirit week for the Winter Royalty Dance coming up on Friday, Feb.18. The boys/girls FR/JV/V basketball game vs Ottawa is also on Friday. The crowning ceremony will be at the boys varsity game, followed by the Winter Royalty Dance from 9:30-11:30 p.m.

“We have a lot of cool spirit ideas that we are looking forward to doing in upcoming spirit weeks,” Smith said.” That is something we really wanted to make special this year when we were discussing our priorities.”