BHS makes people’s day with acts of kindness


Malin Harris, BHS Journalism

Sometimes a little complement or doing something for another can make someone’s day. That is why counselor Heidi Pritchard started Acts of Kindness for Baldwin High School.

“We were having Kindness week and red ribbon week,” Pritchard said. “The junior high was doing the acts of kindness, so I thought it was a really good idea and decided to do that with the high school.”

The Acts of Kindness turned out really well. A lot of people participated and posted their act of kindness.

“I got the impression that the kids enjoyed it,” Pritchard said. “A few even came down and thanked me.”

“I do hope this continues because it really opens people’s eyes,” senior Faith Stan said. “Especially giving someone a little compliment just makes them feel better about themselves and you never know what someone is going through.”

Pritchard did put it into place in the high school, but she gives props to the Junior High for creating it.

“I think it was very important on many levels, one is that it is good to send the anti-bullying message out there,” Pritchard said. “And not only being kind to others but how important it is to be kind to ourselves.”