Vandal scandal hits schools across the country


Anakin Wallsmith, BHS Journalism

Recently the BHS locker rooms were vandalized by a currently unknown individual. An investigation is currently underway to find the person who committed these acts. 

“It’s pretty juvenile obviously for more than one reason,” principal Brant Brittingham said, “but here it is, it’s our school, it’s your school, and yet people are choosing to do these things, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and for what? It’s not really being part of the solution.”

Students are just as upset about this whole ordeal as the staff.

“I don’t think it’s right, students should not be vandalizing for fun,” junior Samuel Darnell said.

“I think it’s not right,” senior Cole Mahaffey said.

“I think it’s very impolite of us to be doing all this and inconsiderate of what the people are doing, and the janitors that are putting in so much work to clean it up after us,” senior Faith Stan said. “And I really do hope the people get caught, because it’s what they deserve for tearing apart our boys’ locker room.”

One of the reasons this may have happened is all because of a TikTok trend where students destroy their school’s bathroom. The trend is causing so many problems schools have started to shut down their bathrooms. 

“I think it’s 100% because of the TikTok trend,” Mahaffey said.