Female Empowerment: Girls Night Out


Mady Woolfolk, BHS Journalism

Girls Night Out is an annual event that occurs at BHS to promote encouragement towards other females. Counselor Autumn Weiss and social worker Sydney Novotney hosted the 2nd annual Girls Night Out event at BHS on Aug. 27.  

“BHS Girls Night Out is an event to promote female empowerment and focus to then lead these strong women into supporting other strong women,” Weiss said. “We felt that if we could empower these young ladies to believe in themselves and support one another, we would create a more positive school climate.”

Two years ago, the attendance for Girls Night Out was 57 people. Due to COVID-19, the school was unable to host an event last year. This year though, 69 people attended the event. 

“I enjoyed this year’s event because there were a lot more people compared to the first one we did,” junior Willow Dubois said.

Dubois was one of many juniors that were in attendance at this year’s event. 

“We made t-shirts, paintings, made bracelets, and painted nails,” junior Morgan Base said. “We also did an activity where you write on a piece of paper on someone’s back and gave them a compliment like ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘I like your smile.’”

This event was a great bonding activity for many of the young women at BHS. There was a selfie station where many people gathered together to take pictures that would then be posted on social media. 

Junior Kate Nichols photographed the event from an outside perspective.

“I captured a lot of people smiling and giggling,” Nichols said. “The pictures that I took that night were probably my best ones.” 

At the end of the night, the students participated in a scavenger hunt. The winners of the competition received tiaras. 

When asked about the next event, Weiss said, “of course we do, but they are top secret.”