BHS prepares for second semester planning

Makayla Hirschmann, BHS Journalism

BHS students have completed a different and uncertain first semester. Like the first semester BHS students will continue the A, B schedule switching every other day.

“We are going to continue what we have been doing, it has worked out well for us,” assistant principal Dr. Chad Brecheisen said. 

The all remote option is still available for students in the second semester.

“Still requests each day, so with the initial deadline 28 students are going remote,” counselor Debbie Baldwin said.

The counselors have had to go through many different processes to enroll new students to the Acellus program.

“A pro is having more free time and a few of my friends are also going to Acellus so we can figure it out together,” freshman Fisayo Afonja said. “Cons are not being able to see teachers.”

13 students from the Acellus program are transitioning to the hybrid schedule for the last semester.

“I missed seeing all of my friends,” freshman Reagan Bosch said. “The work is so easy that I procrastinated a lot and got behind on some work.

Class scheduling has been different and challenging due to the uncertainties of this year. 

“It has been a challenge to feel as connected and to communicate openly,” Baldwin said. “The semester ending so late will be a true test as well, as Mrs. Weiss and I would normally do initial grade/ credit checks during the Christmas break.”