Teachers experiencing a new teaching format


Ashlynn Flory, BHS Journalism

We have all heard what it is like for students going through online school and how it has affected them. How about the teachers? What is it like for the teachers having to teach online school and how has it affected them. 

“My way of teaching has changed quite a bit this year,” English teacher Randi Canterbury said. “I am a teacher that does not usually give homework. This year I have to give homework so students are being productive and learning on their virtual days. I also have to alter the pace at which we cover the curriculum.”

Online school has been a big change for both the students and the teachers. We have all had to adapt to it. 

“The biggest change I have noticed is the pacing,” Chemistry teacher Amanda Lyman said. “Chemistry is a subject that many students often struggle to grasp and since ½ the learning is occurring at home without the instructor I have tried to slow down the pace and give students more time on each concept to practice the necessary skills in order to master the concept.”

Online school has not been hard on just the students. It has been just as difficult for the teachers as it is for the students. 

“Teaching online is definitely challenging,” Canterbury said. “I love being able to interact with my students in the classroom and in the hallways during passing periods. When we had to go fully remote in the Spring it was so much harder to communicate with students.”

Online school is not fun for everyone. The teachers like getting to interact with the students in an actual classroom and not through technology. Teachers were asked if there is anything they liked about online school.

“I honestly don’t enjoy online school,” Canterbury said.

“I look forward to the day when all students are learning the same lesson at the same time and we are able to better collaborate in bigger groups and have classroom discussions over the content,” Lyman said.