School district discusses second semester attendance


Makayla Hirschmann, BHS Journalism

After months of students attending school every other day the school district is discussing options for second semester learning. 

“I like going every other day and I think we should keep it that way for the rest of the school year,” freshman Lilli Judy said. 

Both students and teachers have different opinions on how next semester should look. Some want to see students back five days a week, others want to stick to the current “A-B” schedule.

“Teachers and administrators are weighing out the pros and cons to decide if still going every other day is the best option or if students going half a day or more frequently would be more beneficial,” school nurse Lisa Pattrick said.

Students attend every other day alternating A day students are students with last name A through L, while B day students are M-Z.

“I don’t think it is wise to push things during the winter months as far as our attendance set-up during the school day,” teacher Kit Harris said. “It seems we have been able to keep things relatively controlled with our current arrangements, and I don’t think it is smart to push it. It would involve a lot of changes to our cafeteria and lunch schedule, and classrooms too.”

If families are uncomfortable sending their students to school according to the hybrid schedule there is a fully online option. This online option is through a site called Acellus.

“The best choice is to keep doing A and B days, but keep 100% online an option because that also brings down the number of students in the building at once,” sophomore Taylor Damet said.

Attending every other day has had its benefits when it comes to controlling the spread of the Coronavirus, keeping students and staff safe.

“I believe going every other day has been effective, we can control outbreaks more efficiently so not everyone quarantines at once,” teacher Tyler Wolf said. “Having the students divided into two different groups help with this.”

Teachers and students have seen many positives to this new set up for education.

“The teachers feel they can engage students they usually can’t with the reduced class sizes,” Assistant Principal Dr. Chad Brecheisen said. “The students also get more one on one learning.”

Due to COVID-19 students have missed out on normal school year activities that make the school days fun.

“The sooner we can get all students back in the building five days a week I think that is huge, so we can continue traditions as a whole student body. However, a full online option should still be available,” Brecheisen said.