Scholars Bowl starts again at BHS


Lilli Judy, BHS Journalism

Scholars Bowl is an after school club at BHS that any student can attend.

“I joined because I am not athletic but this is something I can coach,”Leader Sunny Allen said. “There are some really smart kids out there not interested in other activities who need something to do, and in here we embrace all differences and skill levels while having fun.”

Allen is a coach for Scholars Bowl along with Jim Ashcraft. They, along with the students, meet in Allen’s room every Monday through Thursday from when school is dismissed to around 4:30.

“Mr. Ashcraft and I plan to continue to do it. It is not as stressful as sports and everyone makes the team,” Allen said.

Scholars Bowl is a group of kids answering questions in all categories. You do not have to attend every practice either, and you have the opportunity to compete in meets against other schools.

“My favorite part of Scholar’s Bowl is the meets we go to,” Freshman Luke Hayes said. “It’s nice having something competitive but when it’s based on intelligence, not physical ability. I will definitely join again.”

This club has opportunities for many different strengths, whether you are good at math or geography, there is a place for everyone. You do not have to compete in a topic that you don’t like, you get to choose your style.

“My favorite thing about Scholars Bowl is the team dynamic. We can always have a good time together while doing our thing,”Jalynn Murry said. “It has helped me in school in many ways. I learn lots of information that I would not have otherwise known and being captain has taught me good leadership skills.”

Murry is a senior so she is unable to attend Scholars Bowl in the future. However, it seems to have made a positive impact on her for her last year of high school. Whether you can do math or answer questions in different languages, Scholars Bowl can be a place for you.