Students fall in to new routine during COVID-19


Victoria Daniel, BHS Journalism

As we all know, we are in a pandemic. This pandemic is affecting people on a global level. Currently as of May, Kansas has been in lockdown for over a month. Though the virus is still among us, the rave and talk among social media has certainly died down. 

Is it that the COVID-19 cases are going down or has this lifestyle become the norm? Perhaps it is a bit of both. As of May, Kansas reached over 4,000 confirmed cases. Social distancing and self isolation have been proven to be work in flattening the curve, though it still remains present. 

Cases are still being discovered, as of May 4 some businesses have opened for the economy’s sake. Though some places are beginning to open, social distancing is still a given. 

For many, this pandemic has become the new norm. People all over the world have begun working from home, that is if they are able to. While essential workers like fast food employees and grocery store workers remain working. 

Students have also been doing online school. The initial shock of the situation has gone down, people are coping.

“I’ve been adjusting to quarantine ok,” junior Ella Miley said. “Online school has gone by really fast. The hardest part is having to miss things I was looking forward to at the end of the year.”  

Students have found multiple things that they enjoy in the quarantine. Junior Jewel Marsh has remained positive.

“I love being able to sleep in,” she said. “Even though I am  missing my friends and hanging out with them I’m staying optimistic for the future and I hope I will get to see all my friends soon.” 

Junior Riley Galvan has found peace of fund through this.

“Due to quarantine and school being moved online I have had time to do things that I enjoy that I did not have time to do before,” she said. “I have also found a new schedule that works for me.”

The Covid-19 virus is not over, but a glimmer of hope is shown. Although this pandemic is certainly scary, people are beginning to find forms of routine and normalcy. Staying self-aware, safe, and optimistic will bring people peace.