Pioneer staff carries on with yearbook plans


Grady McCune, BHS Journalism

As everyone is aware, the school year has taken a very different turn, however; the Pioneer yearbook is not canceled and is still available for purchase until April 24. Teacher Kit Harris, along with senior editors Liz Schrock and Trinity Moody and the entire staff, have been hard at work to complete the yearbook and ensure it will be even better than expected this year.

“It has definitely been different, it has been an adjustment. Staff members are working on their pages from home,” Harris said. “Most of the staff has been wonderful and working very hard, especially the primary editors Liz Schrock and Trinity Moody. They have been keeping it going. They are committed to making it a great book for the students to have to forever remember this year.”

Sadly, it will not be the same yearbook they had planned out, due to the unfortunate circumstances. 

“Obviously, prom and graduation page won’t happen because if they figure out when to hold these events, it will be after we have to submit the yearbook in,” Schrock said. “It’s been tough but it will be worth it in the end.”

With the huge impact of COVID-19, it could not go unmentioned in the yearbook, and there will be a few pages on how COVID-19 has impacted the school, students, and teachers.

“We’re also covering the coronavirus, there will be about 7 pages max that we will have to talk about the virus and how it has impacted students, especially seniors,” Moody said.

Working through the quarantine has definitely been a change for the yearbook staff but they are getting the job done, and they are on track to have the yearbook ready to go to publication. Students can submit payments for the yearbook at Prices start at $55 for the standard package, which is the yearbook only. The theme for this year’s book is “Limitless.”