Forensics team having successful season; preparing for upcoming competitions

Ty Harris, Online Editor-in-Chief

Despite having a much smaller team than usual, the BHS forensics team stays confident and strong.

“The team is a lot smaller this year than it was last year,” junior Riley Galvan said.

“We don’t have as many new people,” junior Jalynn Murry added. “A lot of people that are in there have done it before. We only have two new members.”

Although the team’s size may make it more difficult to place well in tournaments, the team is confident in the members’ individual performances.

“We’ll probably have a lot of individual placers,” Galvan said, “but as a team, we probably won’t place high because we have fewer people entered in events.”

“We have 11 people,” Murry said. “Most schools have 20 or 25.”

The team’s first tournament is Jan. 25.

Murry and Galvan encourage any who are apprehensive about joining to do so.

“It might seem like something you wouldn’t be interested in,” Galvan said. “That’s what I thought when I was first starting, but I actually really like it. It’s not like a hard class where there’s a lot of homework. It’s a very fun class. You get to meet and connect with other people and get to know your classmates better.”

“Forensics is hours of memorizing speeches and acting scenes and working a piece just right, only to fall just short of first,” senior Jairub Constable said. “It’s taking in all the criticism you can and using it to get better. It’s exactly what I love doing every Saturday from 6 a.m. until 3 in the afternoon.”