Let’s take over by saving the Earth

Let's take over by saving the Earth

Michaela Powell, BHS Journalism

I think if we could get more people to go green, stop littering and use substitutes for plastic or many other steps to prevent pollution, we could make a huge difference. The Earth is being destroyed by humans majorly and it just keeps getting worse each year. We let off about 30 to 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. There is now so much of it there that us planting trees will not help.

Planting more trees would be a great way to start. Trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen so the situation would be a win win. According to Mother Nature Network, capturing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is where we should start.

Simple and easy ways to take steps yourself include, using less hot water, do not forget to turn off your lights when you are not using them, drive less and smarter, and convince others to conserve just as much.

The reason this is such a big deal to me is because we are not only affecting the atmosphere, making our climate change the worst yet, but now the ocean is 30% more acidic. This level of acid will take a toll on parts of the sea life, whether it is the plants, coral reefs or living animals.

Our atmosphere consists of many greenhouse gases, but carbon dioxide makes up 84% while all the others share the 16% that is left of the atmosphere.

I feel awful knowing that our Earth is at the worst then ever. Teaching others the knowledge about what is going on will hopefully let others realize how bad it has gotten. When everyone gets a realization of what is going on and how bad it is, they can make change.

I hope when people learn what is going the get motivated to make a change. It is not hard to spread the word, take time out of your day to plant a tree. When you are on your way to your house do not throw that bottle out the window, wait just a little bit longer to throw it in the trash at home.