Power Lunch, second breakfast popular changes at BHS


Lucas Hafer, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School has created a time in the schedule for students to complete homework before and after lunch by extending the lunch period to 50 minutes. 25 of the minutes are dedicated for the students to eat their lunch and the other 25 are free time which can be used for personal relaxation or to get ahead on homework.

“Power lunch is a neat idea but it secludes you and one other grade from the rest of the school,” sophomore Henry Morgenstern said. “Sometimes I look at my friends who are seniors who are having fun eating lunch and I just cry a little bit.”

One frequent issue is knowing whether you have the first or the second lunch session in the rotation.

“I never know which day I’m eating first, but I don’t care because I don’t usually eat lunch at school,” Morgenstern said. “But besides that it’s my favorite part of the day.”

Second breakfast is another change in the schedule from last year. It was meant to give students an opportunity to eat a snack or breakfast if they didn’t have time at home.

“You can buy snacks so long as you’re not late to class,” freshman Ethan Mountain said. “I certainly see why someone would use [second breakfast], and it’s a nice 8 or 9 minute breather between classes.”  

Many students line up to purchase a snack bag during this break.

“Snacks vary day to day,” Mountain said. “One day it’s a bran muffin, the next day it’s a cinnamon roll. Usually it tastes good, except for the muffin.”

All in all, a majority of students enjoy the extra time in their day.

“Second breakfast is a great time during the day to get snacks! Overall, second breakfast is a good addition to the Baldwin High School schedule. There should be a second lunch, am I right?” Morgenstern said.