Study time varies class to class


Sophomore Ashton Brinkman working on an article for Journalism.

Lauren Green, BHS Journalism

There are many students failing their tests because they either do not study or they just do not understand. Teachers get on students about studying before tests and quizzes, but that does not seem to help much.

“I have studies before for a few tests that i was really stressing over, but usually i don’t becuase the notes and assignments we do help me understand it enough,” freshman Chloe Hoffman said.

It has been proven that students spend more time on homework than studying. Teachers assign up to 3.5 hours of homework a week according to U.S News.

“I would really like to study for my tests but I also have quite a bit of homework every day” freshman Haley Crabtree said. “Then there are days where there is a lot of homework and a test the next day and I just get to stressed to do all of it.”

To much studying can effect your stress level and brain inflammation. The amount of hours that should be studied in high school apply to what grade you’re in. Freshmans and sophmores should at least spend 12 hours a week and 18 hours as a junior or senior according to ATAR calculator.

“I think I would at least spend 5 hours a week studying, never 18” junior Kenzie Blackman said. “We don’t have enough tests a week to spend that many hours studying, and I’m not going to study just to study.”