Ebert, Bono compete in state debate


Ty Harris, Staff Writer

Last weekend, on Jan. 11 and 12, juniors Kaitlynn Bono and Nicole Ebert participated at the state debate tournament in Fort Scott. Although Ebert had qualified but never gone before, it was the team’s first time going. The pair’s record was 0-6.

“We didn’t have too much success against the other competitors,” Bono said, “and, frankly, it wasn’t our best weekend.”

However, most of their rounds were close losses, which is very impressive considering it was their first time going.

“They lost most of their rounds with a score of 5, which is the best possible way to lose,” debate sponsor David Stephens said, “so most of their rounds were very competitive.”

Although they were not as statistically successful, Bono is impressed with her and Ebert’s mere qualifying for the tournament.

“I’m very proud of our success this year,” she said, “because most kids won’t even qualify for state.”

In addition, she expresses pride in her performance both at the tournament and throughout the debate season.

“I honestly think I performed the best I ever have,” she said. “My voice was clear and strong. I had very clear arguments and I was able to make sure to answer everything the opposing teams said.”

Stephens, also, is proud of the pair’s performance.

“I am proud of how they performed,” he said. “It is difficult to qualify for state, and there is some tough competition there.”

Bono is happy with the mere experience of being able to go to state.

“I’d say the tournament,” she said, “while not a win, was an amazing learning experience that helped me grow as a debater.”