Choir to host ‘Hope, Happiness, Resilience’ concert


The concert choir working hard to prepare for the fall concert.

Ella Miley, BHS Journalism

Since the school year has started, one class has been working everyday to prepare something for the public. Baldwin High School’s choirs under the direction of Erin Buffum have been singing everyday to prepare for their first concert.

“I titled our concert ‘Hope, Happiness, and Resilience’,” Buffum said. “I felt like both myself and the community needed a positive message for this fall concert.”

Five different choirs will be singing at this concert. Many new students join the choirs each year.

“Joining this choir has been a great experience, I hope I can do it again next year,” said Jacob Hofman, a new member of concert choir. “All the seniors and juniors are all very nice and encouraging. The songs are very fun and I hope that we will give the audience a good feeling.”

While the choirs get new students every year, they also have members that participate for their whole high school careers. Senior Ellie Gerstner is an example, having done concert choir for the past three years and a cappella for two years.

“I think we are a lot more prepared than we usually are,” Gerstner said. “We’ve had these songs ready for the past week.”

Since the theme of the concert is ‘Hope, Happiness, and Resilience’, the songs that will be sung all follow this theme as well.

“A capella has been working on ‘Happy Together’ and ‘Stand By Me’,” Ellie said. “I really love singing these songs.”

The concert is in the performing arts center at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10. A lot of work goes on into these concerts that the audience does not see.

“We fold all the programs, and Ms. Younger has been working on the uniforms,” Buffum said. “One of the things people really don’t see is Ms. Younger and I practicing outside of school, learning the piano part and the rhythms. If you’ve ever seen a picture of an iceberg, the top part represents the concert, and the bottom part is all of the work that goes into it that people don’t see.”