Soloists Ensembles prepare for Regional Festival in April

Band members hard at work preparing for Regionals in April.

Band members hard at work preparing for Regionals in April.

The Baldwin High School band participates in many events year round, and coming up next month is the Regional Solo and Ensemble festival. Hosted at De Soto this year, band members are preparing and practicing in their ensembles, in hopes of getting the highest rating, a one, and qualify for state later in the year.

“It gets a more focused group of people together working for long periods of time, and it’s fun because we are all talented and take enjoyment in challenging our skill to become the best we can be, senior Austin Langham said.

By participating in ensembles it pushes the musicians of BHS to become better players and well rounded musicians. Practicing and performing in the groups also gathers a group of people who care about what they are doing together to make great sounding music.

“This year have a good feeling we will have many ones, and many groups going to state. We have some strong musicians playing solos and they should be able to go on to state. I am looking forward to seeing what the results are in April,”’ BHS band director Will Copper said

This year we have 22 soloist participating and 13 ensembles. Of these 13 ensembles are one full flute ensemble, one full clarinet ensemble, one full sax ensemble, one full trumpet ensemble, one percussion ensemble, one large brass ensemble, three quartets, and one trio will be going.

“The best way to succeed when performing in front of the judges here is to make sure you know you piece front to back, inside and out. I like to make sure I have it almost memorized to ensure I have the best chance of pushing away my nerves and performing the best I can,” sophomore Abby Hayes said.

Band members are hard at work every day to prepare for the Regional Solo and Ensemble coming up in April in hopes of getting a one and moving on to state, scheduled for later this year.