Madl reflects Marine experience


Senior Mitch Madl’s path through high school is different than most students. Madl graduated a semester early to join the United States Marine Corps.

Madl’s patriotism is what led him to this decision.

“I love my country, family, and friends back home and somebody has to do it for them,” Madl said.

Madl is excited about what’s next and where his decision will take him next.

“I’ll be stationed in Camp Pendleton, California, for nine weeks for infantry training battalion and yes I’m very pumped up but will miss home very much,” Madl said.

BHS counselor Debbie Baldwin helped Madl through the process of graduating early.

“I feel like I saw growth between his sophomore and junior year and he made the decision to graduate early and I’m very proud of the commitment that he made to graduate,” Baldwin said. “Now he’s been successful from graduating from boot camp and that now he’s on his path to his goal of serving his country.”

BHS counselor Autumn Weiss travelled to Camp Pendleton with Nikki Burnett for a Marine educators seminar and happened to see Madl there.

“Before I went out on the recruting base I was neutral about going into the military but while I was out there I learned a lot about the opportunities that the military can offer because the offer training for your military occupational specialty,” Weiss said. “They also offer you tuition assistance while you’re in the military and they offer G.I. Bill. I thought it was really cool that they can get their education while they’re active duty and they’ll still have their G.I. Bill after the military so they can continue their education.”