Artists rewarded for talents at league art event


Peyton Lund, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School art students earned fourth place overall at this year’s Frontier League art event.

On  Wednesday, May 1, the seven league schools came to compete in the annual art event that was hosted at BHS.

Each school brought a group of students to compete, as well as art pieces they created prior to the event to be judged. There were a total of 175 pieces of work from the schools that went to competition.

The Baldwin students that participated were Libby Verhaeghe, Grace Mader, Ashton Temple, Kate Daffern, Levi Parisot, Katelyn Johnson, Selena Bonell, Sam Huntington, Ethan Beeman, Ashley Pederson and Jenny Robbs. Parisot, Temple, Pederson, Katie Langrehr and Huntington all received Artistic Excellence in the pieces they brought and Robbs received Artistic Merit. There were four artist presenters that came to do workshops for photography, painting, sculpture and careers. The league art competition consisted of two events. The events were a sidewalk art competition and a 3-D problem solving competition. In the sidewalk art competition, Baldwin received third place.

“It was really fun, I participated in the chalk art competition and I would really like to do it again,” Verhaeghe said.

BHS Art Club members helped sponsor the event.

“I was an assistant to the artists that were here, I helped wherever I was need,” sophomore Natalie Shultz said. “I personally didn’t have any artwork here this year but after seeing what league art was i definitely will next year.”

Artistic Excellence and Merit were two awards that were given at the competition for the work they brought with them.

“I was proud of myself, that was my last art competition of my high school career and I end it with an excellence award,” Parisot said. “Everyone was very talented and there was a lot of unique pieces.”

BHS Art Teacher Christy Carlisle was proud of all the students that participated.
“We are the champions whether we won or not, we came in fourth and we only lost to Louisburg by 10 points, It was a good day and I was more proud of our work than I have ever been,” Carlisle said.

Video below by Joel Halford and Ben Brungardt